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FAQ ID # 31
Installing POIs on a sygic naviation device
Last Update : 2009/01/19
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Question / Issue
How do I install on the Sygic devices?

Answer / Solution
  1. Unzip the downloaded file from poihandler.com to a tempory directory.
  2. Copy the selected files using the following method:
     - copy poi files with .upi extension to you currect (or relevant) map folder
     - copy icon file with .bmp extension to \res\icons folder
  3. Launch the Sygic application and select the "Manage POIs" from menu, followed by "Show/Hide POIs" and select the desired categories.
  4. Select the required POI category.
  5. Uncheck the "Warn only if POI is on route" checkbox, otherwise it might that the POI will not be visible when approaching.
  6. Sygic can slowdown when you have a large number of POIs into the file. Please decrease their number by changing your selection critatia. You can do this by less categories or countries.

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