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Last Update : 2010/07/12
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Question / Issue
What are the country Abbreviations that are used in poiwarner?

Answer / Solution

AD Andorra
AE United Arab Emirates
AR Argentina
AT Austria
AU Australia
BA Bosnia and Herzegovina
BE Belgium
BG Bulgaria
BH Bahrain
BR Brazil
CA Canada
CH Switzerland
CL Chili
CN China
CY Cyprus
CZ Czech Republic
DE Germany
DK Denmark
EE Estonia
ES Spain
FI Finland
FR France
GP Guadeloupe
GR Greece
HK HongKong
HU Hungary
IL Israel
IR Ireland
IS Iceland
IT Italy
JO Jordan
KW Kuwait
LT Lithuania
LU Luxembourg
LV Latvia
MA Morocco
MQ Martinique
MT Malta
MY Malaysia
NA Namibia
NL The Netherlands
NO Norway
NZ New Zealand
OM Oman
PE Peru
PL Poland
PT Portugal
QA Qatar
RE Reunion
RO Romania
RS Serbia
RU Rusia
SA Saudi Arabia
SE Sweden
SG Singapore
SI Slovenia
SK Slovak Republic
SM San Marino
TH Thailand
TN Tunisia
TR Turkey
TW Taiwan
UA Ukraine
UK United Kingdom
YU Croatia
ZA South Africa

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