POI Speed Camera

POI Speed Camera

Welcome on the best available source for POI Speed Camera for you navigation device. We have a large database for POI Speed Camera in Europe. With the POI Speed camera database from POIHandler.com installed on your navigation system you are better prepared for speed cameras. POIHandler.com offers the most complete database for POI speed camera at an affordable price. New speed cameras are being installed all the time and our speed cameras database can help you avoid wasting money on speeding fines.

For just 12 euro you can take a POI Speed Camera subscription to ensure that your navigation system warns you on the speed camera locations. Subscribe today and avoid unnecessary speeding fines.

But there is more! We have also a large database of other POIs like Hotels, Camping’s, Restaurants and a lot more. An overview of all the groups you will find here.

POI Speed Camera on your Navigation device?

We have different groups of POI Speed Camera in our database. We have fixed camera locations, Traffic light cameras and Section cameras (SPECS). Section cameras uses digital cameras that photograph your vehicle and number plate as you pass each camera. The system then automatically calculates your average speed over the section. In our database you will find the start- and endpoint of the section.

In addition to the fixed POI Speed Camera we have also Mobile cameras. These are locations where safety camera vans and police regularly check your speed. Mostly by using laser based systems.

By using our manuals you can easily install the speed cameras to your navigation device. You will find here several manuals. On our FAQ you will find the most asked questions answered. If you still have trouble installing the POI Speed Camera please contacts our skilled helpdesk using this form. We will try to answer as quickly as possible.

In case you find any missing POI Speed Camera or location failures please pass them through to us using this form.

We are currently working with an application (PHOffline) that makes it extremely easy to download and install POIs on your navigation system. You can use this application also to maintain personal POIs on a very easy way.