The POIHandler Offline application

POIHandler Offline is a tool to manage your Points Of Interest on your personal computer. The tool makes it very easy to manage all kind of Points of Interests.

Feature list:

  • Loading and saving in several formats (like TomTom,Garmin,Mio,Destinator,Sygic,iGO etc)
  • Store your data into you private local database
  • Syncing the latest data from, Owners can maintain their data in POIHandler Offline
  • Importing of csv files and outlook address contacts
  • Easy Installation of files on your Navigation Device. The TomTom, Garmin, MIO (igo), Route 66 and iGO8 devices will be automatically found. Later on more devices will be added..
  • Finding duplicates in your Points Of Interest list
  • Very sophisticating comparing tool that can compare two lists
  • Multiple tab pages to make it easy to maintain
  • Placing your Point of Interest using Google Maps
  • Geocoding and reverse Geocoding, in other words find a matching coordinate with your address and find a matching address with your coordinates

And all this will be released as freeware!

To user the beta application register here and after free registration you can download the application.

Some screenshots

POIHandler Offline Main Window
POIHandler Offline Auto Installation POIHandler Offline Compare Window
POIHandler Offline Duplicates Window POIHandler Offline Syncing Window
POIHandler Offline Local Groups Window POIHandler Offline POIHandler Groups Window